Women in Leadership Partners

Official Charity Partner

A global champion for women and girls, UN Women is the United Nations entity responsible for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. UN Women was established in 2010 to accelerate progress to meet the needs of women and girls worldwide, ensuring they have equal opportunities to lead, to learn, to earn a decent living and live lives free from violence and discrimination.  
UN Women Australia is a registered charity which exists to raise funds for and awareness of UN Women’s work across the Pacific region and around the world. UN Women Australia is recognised by UN Women as its partner in Australia to advance UN Women’s agenda.  

Endorsing Partners

Diversity Council Australia (DCA) is the independent not-for-profit peak body leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We provide unique research, inspiring events and programs, curated resources and expert advice across all diversity dimensions to a community of member organisations.  

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is an Australian, not-for-profit organisation formed in 1995. Our vision is to achieve an equitable construction industry where women fully participate. 
In order to achieve this, NAWIC’s mission is to drive changes that will aid in the increased recruitment, retention and further vocational development of women within all facets of the construction industry. Our core policy is to achieve a minimum of 25% female participation in construction by 2025.  
We aim to accomplish this through focusing on three key areas. Firstly, within advocacy and lobbying with our combined experienced advocacy team leading change across government and industry, as well as being the ‘go to’ voice for comment around women in construction. 
Secondly, we aim to focus on education at all levels, supporting robust initiatives designed to foster success, create future leaders and role models and empower our industry associates to make informed decisions. 
Finally, we support the connection, celebration and support for all women in construction through our membership community. With energetic and vocal NAWIC Chapters in every State and Territory we deliver networking opportunities, individual support, recognition and a lifelong community for women on a personal level that is safe, supportive and welcoming right throughout Australia. 

Media Partner

F magazine celebrates female success across ages, industries and lifestyles. Our stories celebrate the achievements of women in business and community across all categories. Our online magazine site and social media platforms provide inspiration on leadership, winning at life and being the best you can be.  

At The Positivity Institute, we believe in creating a flourishing world, through empowering people to live their best possible lives. 
But what does this actually mean? 
  • It means taking a proactive approach to mental wellbeing, and helping you be on the front foot with your mental health. 
  • It means practical programs for individuals, groups and organisations, which are people-focused, and informed by our extensive research and experience. 
  • And it means reframing negative assumptions around mental wellbeing, and focusing on people’s strengths and potential. 
We pride ourselves on helping people to create high-quality connections and enjoy positive relationships, experience more joy, energy and awe within their lives. 
We believe in taking a proactive approach to mental wellbeing, giving people tools to enhance their mental health in a positive way, rather than waiting for them to be in a mental crisis before offering help. 
We aim to promote flourishing, reduce languishing, and build mental toughness, while discovering the best parts of life – joy, creativity, connection – along the way. 
Life’s too short to languish. Let’s make it count.