PRE-CONFERENCE WORSHOP : 6 December 2017,9am - 5pm

Women leading the change they want to see

Join Julie Hyde on this exciting workshop focused on women leading the change they want to see in this space – from leading the diversity conversation, inclusion conversation and challenging the status quo. 
Challenging the Status Quo
  • Leading the change
  • Leading challenge
  • Leading confidence
  • Leading change
The Busy Epidemic 
  • How this impacts on the diversity and inclusion goal
  • How it retains the status quo
  • How it impacts your leadership
  • The types of busy we do and how to manage it & help your team manage it
Ensuring We’re Relevant to the Task
  • Your Brand Positioning - are you relevant to your current situation and your future?
  • How do you demonstrate your value?
  • Is your Circle of Influence Relevant and do you have one?
  • Mentoring up and down - seek and lead the change
  • Leading with influence
Workshop Leader: 

Julie Hyde
Leadership Coach

Julie Hyde is passionate about all things leadership and creating the ripple effect of change through the art leadership. Julie’s ambition is to empower leaders to be relevant, in control and influential in their leadership enabling them to enjoy the privilege of being a true leader. Leveraging her years of experience and excellent communication skills, Julie has made leadership mentoring an art form, turning around countless businesses and turbo charging their success. She now shares her unique brand of leadership with small and medium enterprises.

Julie has recently authored ‘Busy? How to take control, get relevant and become and influential leader.’ She has appeared in print media, delivered numerous keynote talks and is regularly invited to share her knowledge and expertise. She runs leadership dinners to ensure leaders have the support and connection they need to excel.Julie sits on the Board of Advice for a Financial Planning company and was nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Award in 2016.

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