Women in Leadership Summit Melbourne



Workshop Overview  
Is this you?  
  • Uncomfortable tooting your own horn? 
  • Working in a male dominated environment? 
  • Your next career step requires a more strategic and tailored approach? 
  • You have a view but don't feel heard? 
  • Sometimes lack confidence and second-guess your contributions? 
  • Working hard and not feeling recognised or rewarded adequately? 
  • Lacking leadership visibility and impact? 
Being great at your job is not always enough to move your career forward. Research shows that women face greater barriers to advancement and a harder path to senior leadership, but it doesn't have to be this way.  
With access to the unwritten rules of a male dominated environment, we can strategically manage our careers and leadership brands in a way that works for us. 
This is not about turning you into someone you’re not; it’s about simple yet powerful techniques for navigating your career, finding your voice and taking your place at the table.  It’s about building presence, improving visibility and strategically managing the right professional impact.  
“This masterclass gives women the confidence, communication strategies and cultural understanding to actively manage their leadership careers.”  
Key Learning Objectives 
  • Understand the impact of confidence on risk taking, self-promotion, reputation and results  
  • Explore personal and positional power and how that impacts confidence, visibility and results  
  • Learn the communication habits that kill leadership credibility  
  • Apply key behaviours to be heard, seen and to make an impact in meetings and presentations  
  • Develop strategies for support through sponsorship and mentoring  
8:45 Registration and Welcome Coffee  
9:00 Introduction and Context  
  • The invisible rules of the corporate game and why women are the last to learn them  
  • The current state of play for women at work and how this affects you 
  • Getting clear on what success looks like for you  
10:30 Morning Tea 
11:00 Confidence  
  • Nature or nurture? The truth behind low confidence for women at work 
  • The upside of low confidence 
  • Cracking your personal confidence code  
12:30 Networking Lunch 
1:15 Communication  
  • Why women are not heard 
  • The double bind of just speaking up 
  • The communication styles that kill credibility and what to do instead  
2:45 Afternoon Tea 
3:00 Clout  
  • The trap of positional power – dealing with big egos and power players  
  • The key to empowerment beyond capability 
  • Powering up without putting people off  
4:30 End of Workshop  
Workshop Leader
Anneli Blundell, Speaker, Author, Influence, Leadership, Engagement, Interpersonal Skills & Communication Expert, www.anneliblundell.com 
Anneli Blundell is an author, speaker and communication expert (a.k.a professional People Whisperer), who helps her clients improve their communication, influence and engagement. She coaches senior women to increase their visibility, confidence and personal power for greater professional impact 
Her latest book, of Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders, is a reference guide for developing leadership performance on the job. Her next book in the pipeline, ‘Decoding Resistance: The real reason people won’t do what you want’, is a practical guide for increasing buy-in, reducing push back and navigating the daily communication barriers that impact influence, engagement and change. 
Oh and she’s a nifty parallel parker, a keen runner and a salsa dancing addict who has been featured as an expert across multi media publications including Foxtel's Sky News-Business Success program, The Australian - Business Review, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser, The Courier Mail, HuffPost, 3AW, and Modern Business Magazine, to name a few.